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When you are looking for your flight tickets for your holiday, all you are praying for is cheap airfare prices…cheap flight tickets…cheap air flights…Well, who does not want to grab the best flight deal possible and save more to splurge later on the holiday. Getting cheap flight deals to the destination of your choice is not only a matter of chance but also several other factors. Here are AirTkt’s top five tips to grab the cheapest airline tickets and make the most of your holiday.

Tip 1: Always Book in Advance

No matter if the trip is three-months away, you should always book your plane tickets well-in-advance. This is the most critical trip to finding cheaper airfare. According to research, to get the best flight deals within the U.S., always start your search at least 80-70 days in advance of your scheduled travel dates. Alternatively, for international flights, you should start looking out for plane tickets at least 60 days in advance of travel to get the best flight deals. This specific period is called the prime window, which is likely to offer the best airfare prices.

Tip 2: Be Flexible

The thumb rule to get cheaper airfare is to be as much flexible as possible. You could be flexible in terms of date of flying, the airport you are flying from, your time and day of the flight. AirTkt advises you to book your flight tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday instead of the weekends. These days are particularly cheaper than others. Also, intentionally avoid travelling on the peak dates. Instead of travel on the day of the holiday to get the best flight deals. Remember you can save more if you choose a non-popular airport, and take the red-eye flights.

Tip 3: Take the Layover Flight

If you thought layover was not your thing, think again because they will significantly impact your travel budget. A layover plane ticket is generally always economical as compared to a direct flight. Moreover, a layover is not so much of a bad idea. You could plan well and make most of this opportunity. You can add the layover as a travel destination on your itinerary without any cost. It will also easily get you cheaper flight deals for your tickets. So, if it is not urgent, take the layover flight.

Tip 4: Choose Budget Flights

Today, you will find numerous budget airlines which would connect your current location to your travel destination, whether domestic or international. Budget airlines offer standard services and only basic amenities but offer very economical prices as compared to other airlines. Their flight prices are really economical and can be grasped to save more money. Remember the budget airlines do not provide baggage allowances, so pack light and preferably take your food to cut down the cost even further.

Tip 5: Set up price alerts

One effective tip that AirTkt swears by while booking flight tickets is to set up airfare price alerts for airlines connecting your destination. You can subscribe for email pop-ups of airfare price alerts and receive a timely notification whenever the airfare prices drop low. This will help you grab offers instantly and book cheap flight tickets.

You can keep in mind these five tips while booking flight tickets and you will grab cheaper airfare for sure!

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