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All of us have fancy plans when it comes to travel but not many of us can afford it. We always look for destinations, which can suit our pockets as flying takes a major chunk of our budgets or savings. Looking for cheaper tricks to fly? Here are 5 amazing hacks or tricks to get the cheapest airfares.

Talk to a travel agent 

What? in this day and age, an agent? Are we kidding? Absolutely, not! A travel agent has all the insider information and loopholes in the airline industry to get you the cheapest deals. Even in the 21st century, a lot of people rely on a travel agency to book their tickets.

A small tip: Look for a known agent in your circle as some agents are known to fleece their customers.

Timing is the key 

Traveling in the peak season also means shelling out extra bucks. Therefore, choose an off-peak season when you might get cheaper airfares and hotel deals. Also when we mention timing, it is important to note that you should avoid traveling and booking on the weekend because it is dearer to your pocket. Did we also tell you that weekdays are cheaper than weekends to travel to? Everything is about timing. Keep time and savings on your side.

Choose red eye tickets   

These are flights, which usually fall between midnight to early morning. The demand is less for such flights hence you might get a better deal. Always keep an eye on red-eye flights.

Be open to flying anywhere 

Sometimes, you won’t get a good deal to travel to the destination of your choice. So, what? Keep your options open. Wanted to travel to Malaysia but getting a better deal on Indonesia? Great pick it up. The bottom line is not just a destination but a memorable journey. So, if you have time and patience, keep looking for alternatives for the destination you have chosen.

Look for tickets in other currencies 

This trick is ideal for those travelers who enjoy a stronger currency back home. We are talking a currency like the US dollar or the Euro or the British Pound. What you need to do is to search for airfare in the country you want to travel, which has a weaker currency. For example, if you have the US dollar is strong as compared to the Indian Rupee then it will be a good option for you to check for a return flight in Indian rupee rather than the US Dollar. That way, you might get at a better bargain. So, look out for those little tricks.

Have you tried this trick? 

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