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Imagine that you are having a great time on a holiday after booking cheap flight tickets on AirTkt and something unfortunate happens. Everyone hopes that travel crises don’t spring up unexpectedly while abroad, but you know never what happens. The most common travel emergencies are a stolen phone, a compromised credit card, lost or stolen passport, drastic change in weather, and an ATM fraud. Moreover, you could also have medical emergencies that can completely ruin your trip. We want you to prepare for the most common emergencies that may occur whilst your stay abroad. With a little preparation ahead of time you can make sure that the rest of your trip is not hampered because of these unfortunate events.

5 tips to help you prepare for common travel emergencies

  • Purchase travel insurance that covers all electronic devices. Check the insurance policies cautiously; some of them have exclusions for mobile phones as they are stolen so frequently. Carry the insurance documents with your travel documents to start the claim process immediately, in case the phone is stolen. Also, write down the IMEI number of your mobile phone and take a few photos of the devices to upload it somewhere accessible.
  • One of the most common mistakes travelers make is that they don’t make photocopies of their credit cards. This might seem unimportant but will help you in a situation where your credit card is lost and there is a risk of it being compromised. Leave the credit card copies with someone trustworthy at home and keep their contact numbers handy. Also, remember to notify your bank immediately in case the credit card is lost, to prevent any fraud or theft.
  • Remember to use authenticated ATMs that are inside banks or attached to bank offices so that the organization can help you to retrieve your card if it is captured by the device.
  • To avoid the countless hassles that you might encounter if you lose your passport aboard – remember to keep a copy of your passport along with your original birth certificate. This will help you retrieve your passport more speedily than otherwise. In many cases, stolen passport cases can turn very ugly in some countries. Hence, be prepared for this travel emergency.
  • Be aware of the resources available to you such as a security administrator of your local embassy. If you face any trouble in a foreign land, call your local embassy. The embassy will help you locate medical assistance or legal representation, whatever is needed. Many international programs work hard to ensure the safety of their citizen’s aboard.

These are just a few common difficulties that you may suffer. To protect yourself from so many other uncertain emergencies, remember to ensure your trip through AirTkt’s protection program that covers trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expense, baggage delay, and a host of other benefits. It is also advisable to get the travel assistance program benefits from AirTkt that provide you multiple post-ticketing advantages, which will come handy in emergencies.

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