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Europe is always on everyone’s top places to visit but traveling to Europe is not so easy. Well, do not mean the flight tickets, VISA or the accommodation, but are talking about the challenges with the food habits, style, and availability that an international tourist might face. So, to ensure you do not face any problems related to food, here are some food tips when traveling to Europe. Keep them handy and enjoy your European adventure.

Plan in advance: When in Europe, you will be confused with what to eat and where to eat; hence, when you book your flight tickets, make a list of popular restaurants that you want to cover on your trip, based on the countries you’re visiting. Most eateries have facilities to reserve a table online, so booking is easy to do from home.

Follow some local food bloggers: The ultimate way to know the best places to eat and what to order is by following a local European blogger. These bloggers post daily updates describing their city’s culinary scene. You can get knowledge about everything ranging from supermarkets to restaurant meals. Also, this is a great medium to accustom you to the local culture of the place.

Water and soda are very expensive in Europe: When in Europe, you would be shocked at how much soda or bottled water can cost you, especially in restaurants. Also, after the hefty price, there are no refills on the soda. Yeah, it is really true! The cost of soda and water is so high in Europe that in comparison wine and beer appear cheap and seemingly better alternatives. So, always ask for tap water since it is absolutely safe for drinking. 

When confused take the ‘Tourist menu’: Tourist menu is an option offered by the popular restaurants in Europe to travelers who are confused with what to order. The menu is fairly simple and renders a stress-free 3 course meal including service, bread, and a drink. The menu is rationally priced and includes safe options; moreover, you get a chance to taste some local flavors. 

Try cooking a meal or two: While the idea of cooking on a vacation may not appeal to everyone, but as a food tip when traveling to Europe – we’d advise you definitely try making a thing or two. The European markets offer some of the best food produce including regional cheeses, flavors, loaves of bread, freshly-picked truffles, meats, and even locally manufactured wine. This is a great way to experience the culture and culinary improvements on your journey. Also, while you are food shopping, remember to not touch any item, instead only point at the thing you want. 

Find local hang out spots: Europe can be very heavy on the pocket; thus, it is best if you discover some of the local hang-out spots that have reasonable prices. European students enjoy drinking economically just as much as you do, so find out where the local students hang out. 

Well, remember these easy tips and you will easily survive your stay in Europe. Now, set aside all worries, book your flight tickets on AirTkt, pack your bags, and head off for the vacation of your dreams. But remember to insure your trip through AirTkt’s trip protection program that covers trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expense, baggage delay, and a host of other benefits. You should also take AirTkt’s travel assistance service that provides a host of post-ticketing benefits.

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