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Christmas is the best time of the year. Splendid Christmas wreaths, garlands, chilly weather, delicious food, cake, and the whole festive ambience – makes this festival one of the most loved all around the world. Another reason why everyone loves Christmas is because of the holidays that follow Christmas, it is indeed the perfect time to visit family and friends. So, what is the wait for? Just hop on to AirTkt and get flight tickets for Christmas this year and if you are worried about getting the best flight deals, you are in luck because AirTkt has some great advice for you to follow so that you get nothing but lowest airfares to the destination of your choice.

The best trick to grab cheap flight deals is to book within the ideal time frame. This ideal time frame is also known as ‘Prime Window’. The best time to search for domestic flights within the U.S for this Christmas begins at least 70-80 days before departure. So, if you plan to leave for Christmas, your flight search should ideally begin in mid October. And for all international flights, you should start searching for flight tickets at least 60 days in advance from the date of travel; so for Christmas, your search should begin by the start of November. This is the time when the flight ticket prices are ideally low and must be grabbed when you spot a cheap flight deal.

Moreover, the airlines tend to offer cheap airfare prices to price conscious travelers that book their flight tickets in advance. Airfare prices tend to shoot higher as the dates of the travel approach near. Full fare seats are reserved for last minute flight bookings. Additionally, remember to book your flight tickets for Tuesdays and Wednesdays which offer generally cheaper flight tickets than weekends and weekdays such as Thursday and Friday. Also, try to be flexible with your dates and travel on the day of Christmas to visit your family and friends, and travel back later when most people have already returned and flight ticket prices have dropped low.

Apart from this, remember to book your flight tickets for early morning or late nights, these are the most undesirable flight timings and often have cheap airfare prices. If you can, also try to check alternative airports while booking your Christmas flight tickets; alternative airports will have lesser crowd which means faster check-ins, as well as they offer air flights at low prices than other popular airports. Opting for non-stop flights is also a complete no while booking your Christmas flight tickets, you must consider layover flights which have cheaper airfares.

This Christmas be smart, book wisely and save to celebrate more joyously!

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