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Orlando, Florida is a magical place to visit for a holiday. It is home to some of the most iconic theme parks in the world, and also if full of aquatic attractions, beautiful landscapes, world-famous restaurants, high-end shopping places, theatres, amazing concerts, and luxurious hotels. There is so much to do in this wonderland that you’d want to plan your trip well. That is why; AirTkt has brought you this list of 5 most exciting day trips to take in Orlando. AirTkt is running some amazing flight deals on Orlando flight tickets. Plan well and book in flight tickets advance to make the most of your trip.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Situated about an hour away from east Orlando, this space center is among one of the most popular day trips to take in Orlando. And if you think, this will need you to raise your science acumen, you’d be wrong. You don’t need to be a scientist to marvel at the outstanding attractions at this popular NASA facility. It has everything that will leave you astounded, including rockets, shuttles, launch pads, 3D IMAX films, and more. You also get to meet some astronauts and pay tribute to the fallen heroes of NASA. Arrive at the facility as early as you can, because there are multiple things you’d want to do before you finish your short trip.

The Manatees of Crystal River

If you are passionate about wildlife, you will love this experience more than anything. This day trip to the crystal river allows you to have a one-to-one encounter with an endangered West Indian manatee, which approximately weighs more than 1,500 pounds. Also known as sea cows, the manatees are giants, gentle, silently swim in the crystal river. You can reach here by driving for about 90 minutes. You can also swim and snorkel in the clear water and explore the diverse marine life in their natural habitat.

St. Augustine

Located about a two-hour drive from Orlando, St. Augustine is one of the oldest towns in the U.S, which was formed by the Europeans in 1565. This trip is a must for history buffs; however, it has a lot to offer otherwise too. There are museums, galleries, breathtaking city views, great restaurants, cobblestone streets, lighthouse, cruise, hop-on-hop-off trolley, cute boutiques, and other attractions. You can spend a day soaking in the Spanish colonial charm.

Airboat Rides

If you are seeking some adventure on your trip to Orlando, this one will surely satisfy your urge. You get a chance to ride in soaring speed over swampland habitats of Florida. Located merely 25 miles from South Orlando, multiple airboat ride tours offer you ride through the headwaters of Florida. The tour guide will tell you about the rich wildlife including birds and alligators. You have an option to choose the length of the tour, which typically varies from 60 minutes to two hours.

Daytona Beach

If you’d want to spend a day relaxing by the beach and occasionally indulging in some beach-side activities such as biking and motorsports – then you must take a day trip to Daytona Beach in Orlando. This is home to the popular Daytona 500 and also the origin place of NASCAR racing. The town near the beach is lively and a preferred spot for spring breakers. What more? You can also drive along the beach to enjoy the beautiful view.

These 5-day trips in Orlando will make your holiday fun. We also recommend you to take the travel protection plan from AirTkt, when you book your flight tickets. The plan is highly reasonable and provides you very extensive coverage in terms of trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage delays, emergency medical services, and more. If you’d like some post-ticketing benefits such as cancellation refunds, etc. you can also choose the travel assistance cover from AirTkt. 

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