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Well, I waited for five long-months to finally be where I am sitting at the moment. I am sipping a cup of hot chocolate sitting in the O’Hare International Airport lounge, waiting for the flight announcement for Mexico. How much have I craved to be able to travel again! And even though the pandemic has changed the way we travel now, it has not been able to affect my spirit – if anything, my travel ichinen is more intense than ever!

I am so eager to travel and explore Mexico that I made my whole list of what I am going to do, what all places I would see, where all would I go to eat, where will I shop and more, much in advance than I used to! There is so much to do in Mexico, I literally won’t get enough of this vibrant country, I feel.

But before I switch to my dreamland, head over heart! I am determined to follow all the thoughtful COVID-19 safety procedures that the airport and my airline are recommending. I got my temperature checked and filled the health form before entering. I have been gladly following social distancing at all times, right from the moment I entered through the gates. Even though I am wearing my mask and a face shield, I have made sure to smile at everyone I see. Such is the joy of traveling!

Not just that, I am carrying a handy bag with all COVID-19 safety essentials, including an additional pair of masks, a sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and some tissues. I made this exhaustive inventory list so that I wouldn’t miss anything. Moreover, I have been singing to my tunes and be mindful of not touching surfaces unnecessarily.

But what is applaudable is the highest level of security measures adopted by the O’Hare International Airport. Most of the airport is empty since there are only restricted flights flying at a specific time. Using advanced technology, the airport has automated the entire process of check-in and boarding. All counters have designated marks indicating the distance to be maintained between two individuals. Also, multiple UV belts are working to efficiently sanitize luggage before travelers board their flights. And there is no airport official or security staff, who is not wearing a protective face shield. It makes me wonder how we are all ready to endure all measures of safety just to be able to explore and discover more. Maybe because travel enriches the soul and becomes a beautiful memory that lasts a lifetime.

Well, making my way through the carefully sanitized floors, I couldn’t help but notice the dedication of the staff. Each frequently visited area had designated personnel, who were disinfecting the place at regular intervals. Since there was a very short queue, the check-in process and immigration barely took time and I was ready to move a step closer to my dream. How every night since the outbreak of the virus, I dreamt of being able to fly again. And with such high standards of security, I was getting surer of my safety and a good trip.

With so much excitement, I cheered my way up to board the flight. I followed all social distance stickers and rules as explained by the airline staff. I noticed how the airline took significant steps to ensure every passenger was safe. All those who formed part of the airline staff were covered in PPE kits from head-to-toe and waiving warmly as the passengers entered to take their designated seats. The entire process was contactless and safe.

Once I was seated in place, I noticed not all the seats were occupied. The airline was maintaining an occupancy ratio to conform to social distancing norms. Soon after, the crew happily welcomed passengers, and I could sense the cheer and enthusiasm in people to be able to rediscover life again. The pandemic had crushed our dreams only temporarily, and we were set to move on and face the new normal.

Once the flight took off, the staff handed each passenger their sealed and sanitized blankets, slippers, and food. The entire flight was so comfortable and peaceful that I dreamt of all the wonderful places that I would visit in Mexico.

Mexico, the land of beautiful extremes, deep canyons, splendidly large mountains, huge stretches of deserts, and those lush, dense forests. I have heard so much about the culture and people of the country that I decided I would extend my trip if my heart melts. For that, I would connect with Airtkt. I made a mental note of that.

First on my visit list is Mexico City. It is home to some of the most famous museums in the world and I wish to go museum hopping once I am in this spectacular place. I will see the Frida Kahlo House and the Anthropology Museum. I wish to see the works from some of the greatest artists in the world, including painters, photographers, muralists, sculptors, and others.

I also look forward to adding some adventure to this trip. I am planning to go diving in Cozumel, which is one of the best islands to go scuba diving in Mexico. Moreover, the pristine waters of Cozumel are open, safe, and welcoming tourists currently.

I am a fan of Mexican food and there is no way I would miss out on the delicious tacos. Relishing tacos in Mexico had been a long-sought dream, one which was going to be fulfilled. I am sure I will be able to spot a truck or a stall to taste the authentic tacos that the entire world raves about.

I also plan to visit Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan city, and the New 7 Wonders of the World. Also, I would spend time in the second-largest Mexican city, Guadalajara to enjoy a thrilling night. Guadalajara has tons of bars, restaurants, and clubs to spend a night or two partying and feasting. And if time permits, I will visit one of those colorful colonial towns that all pictures of Mexico capture. A photograph in such a colorful, vivid setting would be perfect for my Instagram. After all, traveling after so long needs to be done in complete style. My list is still incomplete, and some things would change owing to the travel restrictions in the country. But I hope to rekindle my spirit and make precious, lifetime-worthy memories on this wonderful trip to Mexico.

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